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Client Testimonials

Here is just a small sample of the wonderful stories our clients have offered to share after sessions with Planet BioScan...

  • I had tried everything to find a boyfriend, a love connection. After my scan and report, I kept re-reading what the biggest message was for me ,which was to be more proactive and in particular keep an open mind. At first I thought I was open minded but as I kept thinking about it, I realized I was overly negative about men and was truly not giving deserving guys the chance to get to know me. I have to say without PlanetBioScan I would not have found my man! - Emily, Arizona
  • Homework was always easy for me and so was school, but as I entered a new major I was, frankly, overwhelmed. I asked PlanetBioScan if they could honestly help me with focus, mathematical formulations and what they called 'improved EEG brain wave super learning de stress'. I mean, it sounds cool but I never heard of this. And, they said they could send me the frequencies for improvement while I was at home or in class! Well, after two sessions, I am a believer. My writer blocks went away and I found comprehension and thought flow was really improved. I still am not exactly sure how it worked, but it did and does! - Sandy, Arizona
  • The death of the best  dog I ever knew was just so sad for me. I felt a major sense of grief and while I know we all come and go in this lifetime, for some reason her passing was too much for me. I could not stop crying or feeling so sad. I called Sue and Bill at PlanetBioScan and asked if they could see if something was actually wrong with me. They did their thing and within a day or two I could think about her without losing it and came to peace with her loss.  Susan and Bill assured me there was nothing wrong with me other than allowing the grieving process. They said what they did was allow my emotions in concert with myself finally proceed with the grieving process. I am grateful to them for their kindness and the work they did as I am not sure I was able to go on. R.J., California
  • I'm 44 years old and had been trying to improve my strength and endurance. After working with Planet BioScan, I was able to lose weight while increasing my strength. All I can say is WOW and THANK YOU. Jennifer, Arizona
  • I had a major toothache, and I admit I was skeptical of your device and service. I must say after our remote session with me here in Florida and you clear across the USA, I could feel my stress go away. The swelling subsided and my tooth and gum are fine. - John, Tampa Bay, FL
  • After a series of sessions, I was able to work through a very significant emotional trauma that occurred over 8 years ago. You know, I had read a lot about how we need to improve our thoughts in order to improve our lives, but my experience kept me preoccupied with very negative thoughts. I wanted to change my life, but I just couldn't move past this emotional wreckage. Energy work sessions enabled me to listen to me and give myself a plan of action. The action plan was simple but not easy. Having regular sessions with Bill where I knew I was going to discuss what I had accomplished kept me accountable. I am relieved to have cleared the energy remains of the experience and moved on to better thoughts and a much happier life! Mark, San Diego, CA
  • After Bill finished running a program to send me energetic acupuncture treatments - no needles! - he went to a screen that helped me determine a custom program for supplements that will be good for me. We also went over how certain supplements that I have been taking have been a waste of money for me. I learned why they are ineffective for me and what some better choices will be. Jean, Glendale, AZ
  • I have been working out at the health club for over a decade now. I was stuck in a rut and almost quit working out. Within five weeks of my twice weekly sessions, I improved my pull down strength 60 pounds and lost weight!! I have never lost weight while gaining strength in my life! I must say I am both proud of my achievement and amazed with Planet BioScan's advice, insight and energy frequencies sent to me. Plus, I never was hooked up to the device. I live seven states away! - WJN, Birmingham, AL
  • After I had my second scan and session, the practitioner told me there were toxic frequencies in my body from breast implant damage. Well, first of all I was shocked because I did not inform anyone that I had implants. Then I was shocked because I did not feel any problem there. Bill insisted I immediately get to the doctor and I listened to him. Iwent to the doctor (I am a nurse so I had fast access) and he was amazed that indeed my left implant was damaged! I am so grateful to the people at Planet BioScan for I would not have been aware of this problem had I not had sessions with them. - Jennifer, AZ
  • THANK YOU!! My 6-year old cat Angel had literally not come out from the bedroom when friends and family came to visit. After just one session with you, Angel coughed up five fur balls. Later that day, when my friend came over, Angel came out from under the bed to greet her! It was like a miracle! - Diane, Cave Creek, AZ
  • This is unbelievable . . . .I can move my knee without it feeling like I'm going through the ceiling . . .it feel like it is totally comforted and relaxed, almost like the fluid has returned to the joints . . . I still feel a little bit of the pain, mostly stiffness, but it's not like it was. And I'm in NY and you are in AZ!! - Kathy, Rochester, NY
  • I have MS, and the relaxation and stress management techniques have helped me. - Annie, Denver, CO
  • My relationship with my son has improved dramatically. We have bonded like never before, and we understand where our gaps in communication and feelings have been. We tried all kinds of therapies and we were at first skeptical of your service. To be honest, we tried working with you mainly because we had run out of ideas and did not want to quit. We are closer than ever with our son and we cannot thank you enough! - Bob and Katie, New York
  • I have lost 14 lbs and usually when I do that I lose strength when I work out. However, I have added 35 lbs to my bench press while losing weight! I require less sleep and am frankly amazed! Your service, suggestions and tough love was respectful and insightful! Keep Scanning! - Rico, San Diego, CA
  • My negative attitude was responsible for several key losses in my life. Once we figured out the root causes of my addictions and lost feelings and anger, I have been able to make positive changes and no longer feel like a victim in this world. I no longer allow Fibromyalgia to control me; I have taken control over my life. - Tiffany S, Las Vegas, NV
  • My dog had major pain and stress in her teeth or jaw. She’s an old dog and I would do anything for her. During a remote pain/stress management session with you, she went to her toys and selected not one, but four things to chew on. I could see her happiness at being able to chew without pain! Kathy, Phoenix, AZ


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Planet BioScan and its practitioners do not diagnose, treat, or otherwise prescribe for any disease, condition, or illness, or perform any act that would constitute the practice of medicine for which a license is required. Our services involve energy work procedures which include stress reduction protocols, relaxation techniques, and pain management to reduce stressors that may accompany symptoms.

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