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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

- Margaret Mead

What to Expect

In order for changes to manifest, one must change on a multi-level approach. Planet BioScan works with all facets of existence - physical, emotional and spiritual. Energy work tests are administered completely independent of practitioner or client influence to help avoid bias or error. Your own subconscious or superconscious helps to create a better understanding of the individual factors pertinent to your lifestyle and your wellness.

How Many Sessions?

Much like chiropractic sessions or massage therapy, in order for long term, cellular changes to occur, research and experience show that at least 5 (and possibly up to 52) sessions are suggest. In our own practical lives, we all know old habits die hard. We have all heard and read that the simple act of replacing old routines, creating new disciplines and starting anew takes 21 to 42 days. With Planet BioScan's energetic frequencies, unique insights, and links, we can speed up and add dimensions to these processes with our own unique protocols.

Planet BioScan quantum energy work sessions measure the quantum energy field and send balancing energies back to the body. We help you optimize stress reduction solutions so your body can heal itself. The process is completely non-invasive, and most clients find the experience to be quite relaxing and soothing.

The Scanning Process

At the beginning of your session, you will be connected to our equipment remotely and be tested against a database of 50,000 substance frequencies such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, toxins, hormones, muscles, bacteria, molds, fungi, viruses, allergens, emot ions, and the stress of the internal organs.

Our device locates you after we enter some basic information about your name, where you were born and where you live.

Every item tested has a unique frequency, much like frequencies of radio stations. An exhausted body has a different frequency than a body with an abundance of energy. An unstressed liver has a different frequency than a liver suffering from stress.

The Practice

After your subconscious or superconscious sends messages about the stresses in your body, the levels of your oxygenation, hydration, toxicity, emotional or mental blockages, etc., your practitioner uses the technology to perform bioenergetic stress reduction to help restore balance. Your own personal matrix will also suggest nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies that can help your body de-stress and re-balance itself.

People, animals, even homes can become energetically "blocked" from stress, illness, negativity, and simply the struggles of day-to-day living. Planet BioScan helps you clear these energy blockages, allowing energy to flow freely once again. This allows you to change at your most basic (quantum) level.

Energetic blockages can occur in many areas in the body - spiritual and physical. Some examples include the aura field, the chakkras, the meridians, the sarcodes, and more.

After a session, clients report a sense of lightness or a feeling of a burden removed.

We help you integrate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions with the intention of de-stressing and restoring balance, wholeness and unity in the physical and metaphysical realms of your being.

Remember, all work is done at an energetic level and is completely non-invasive.

Another very important factor in this process is the intent of you and the Planet BioScan practitioner.

Planet BioScan and its practitioners do not diagnose, treat, or otherwise prescribe for any disease, condition, or illness, or perform any act that would constitute the practice of medicine for which a license is required. Our services involve energy work procedures which include stress reduction protocols, relaxation techniques, and pain management to reduce stressors that may accompany symptoms.

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