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Want to anti-age yourself, naturally? Partner with Planet BioScan!

Why should you partner with Planet BioScan for your anti-aging program? Our highly trained quantum energy work practitioners offer valuable assessments and insights that are useful for identifying the stress that may be impacting your body's aging process. Aging issues may be caused by hidden infections and food allergies; your Planet BioScan practitioner will discuss the stress of those factors for you. Added stress occurs when people are not sleeping because their melatonin levels are out of balance.

During your session, we’ll identify stress markers in areas of:

  • DNA/RNA links
  • Energetic imbalances of hormones such as parathyroid hormone, growth hormone, thymus hormone, and more
  • Skin proteins such as elastin and collagen
  • Over-exposure to sun or perverse energy (from cell phone, computer monitor, television, microwave, etc.)
  • Emotional tension
  • Toxicity or dehydration
  • Viruses
  • Calcium in tissues
  • Free radicals in tissues

After detecting your stress, Planet BioScan will then run various programs to help you retrain any part of your body to operate at the optimal level. Our anti-aging session offers energetic frequencies for telomere protection and various programs to reduce your energetic age. Our practitioner will provide you with valuable information about nutritional supplements that are ideal for your body. We’ll help you identify buried or hidden sources of past traumas that could be accelerating your aging due to chronic stress.

High Tech Facial Treatment

You’ll want to be sure to schedule an energetic face lift during your anti-aging session with us! We use a small roller on your face for a non-invasive process that gently tightens droopy areas, smoothes fine lines, reduces puffy bags under your eyes, lightens age spots, and sends energetic frequencies to stimulate circulation.

Your friends will wonder what your secret is!

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Tell Me About Telomeres

DNAMum’s the word when asked your age, but did you know inside almost every cell in your body are tiny structures that are, in essence, your biological clock? A microscopic view of these cellular items provides clues to the aging process.

Every cell nucleus in your body contains 46 chromosomes. At the tip of each chromosome are telomeres, which contain bits of DNA and play a vital role in the cell division process by preventing genetic material from being lost. Each time the cell divides, these essential telomeres become a little bit shorter. Cells with very short telomeres eventually become unable to divide and may stop functioning properly. Scientists have connected shortened telomeres to cellular aging.

Why should you be concerned about cellular aging? Aging skin, blood, muscle, central nervous system and cardiovascular cells with shortened telomeres cause us to feel aches in places we never ached before. Our skin loses elasticity. Most importantly, we become susceptible to age-related diseases, such as heart disease and arthritis.

De-Stress Yourself for Cellular Anti-Aging

Managing your stress is a prime anti-aging defense. Scientists have evidence to support the association between stress and cellular aging, specifically on three specific biological factors - all of which are related to cell longevity and disease:

  • Oxidative stress - Oxidative stress is a condition in which antioxidant levels are lower than normal. Oxidative stress accelerates the shortening of telomeres.
  • Lower telomerase activity - Telomerase is the body’s enzyme which replenishes a portion of telomeres with each round of cell division.
  • Shorter telomere length - Cells with very short telomeres become unable to divide.

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