Planet BioScan

Scheduling Your Session

Planet BioScan sessions are available no matter where you are located!

Quantum energy work works at a distance - even a very long distance!

As mentioned earlier, all matter is energy with a very unique frequency. Each of us, in fact, also has a unique frequency that identifies us. Just as you have a completely unique fingerprint, your cell frequency is also unique because of your own DNA.

By entering some basic information about you into our system, we will "locate" you. You can have confidence that our system sends balancing and de-stressing energy directly to you. While the concept may seem perplexing, we do know that quantum physics theory instructs the system to find you in a subspace energy field. We have no doubt - it will locate you! Be sure to read our testimonials and see the results that some of our long-distance clients are enjoying.

You will be notified of the specific time of your remote session. We suggest that you seat yourself in a comfortable, quiet place. Our practitioner will have already talked to you to discuss your current concerns, issues, and blockages. We will send a full report, and we will call or email after 72 hours to discuss the energy we provided and to discuss the unique insights to help you reach your full potential.

Follow Up Sessions

At the end of your session, your subconscious or superconscious determines when your body needs its next appointment. It may be within one week, or you may not need another appointment for four more weeks!

However, if you have a new issue or problem arise before the next appointment, we encourage you to call your practitioner and discuss it.



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