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Remove Blockages to Love with Quantum Energy work

image - insomniaDespite the trend of the moment, the most often asked request of us by our clients during a session is please find the blockages to my love life.

If you wish, your session can include information about an assortment of intangibles that may be hindering healthy relationships. Quantum energy work interfaces with your super conscious (or subconscious) allowing you to gain insights about yourself. This includes information about emotional, physical, generational, and inherited factors that are impacting you.

And we’ll go deeper and look at the links within these factors.

  • We’ll find out if you love yourself, and if not, why
  • We’ll find out if you can’t find love, why not
  • We’ll find out if can’t stay in love, why not
  • We’ll find the keys to joy in your life

What might manifest for you? Perhaps you'll realize you have some new opportunities. Perhaps your attitude (or the attitudes of people around you) will shift. Perhaps you'll think of some new ideas to meet people. Perhaps interesting people will walk into your life. It's exciting to consider all of the positive possibilities!

Our Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) offers invaluable insight as to what is going on in your emotional body. For example, your scan results will display the energetic state of spiritual health as affected by emotions, your energetic physical health as affected by emotions, unhealed scars and the associated issues, and areas of the most stress.

Our Emotional Growth Acceleration sub-program in the NLP detects the years when you experienced trauma in your life, people with whom you are currently experiencing emotional conflict, and associations with physical ailments in your body. We then run balancing programs to eliminate or reduce energetically the impacts of these stresses. Once you are aware of what is impacting you, our Licensed Spiritual Healer coach can encourage you as you progress to making significant changes in your mind, body and spirit.

We're available to answer any questions you may have. We're friendly and do not utilize any pushy sales techniques! Don't hesitate to contact us.

Scheduling a Quantum Energy work Session

While we are located in Phoenix, Arizona, we have clients worldwide. Clients find their sessions are amazingly effective regardless of where they are located! Quantum energy work works at a distance and finds you in the subspace energy field.

We have more details about how a remote quantum energy work session works.

Rose Quartz - The Love Stone

Rose Quartz Rose Quartz gives love to the wearer who might otherwise have trouble giving love to themselves or to others. It actually helps you build confidence through self-love! It helps soften a hardened heart. This is a good stone to wear after some sort of chaos or trauma. My friend Carol can help you find some lovely Rose Quartz jewlery.



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