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Natural Relief for Burnout (Adrenal Fatigue) with Quantum Energy work

image - insomniaDoes life simply feel out of your control? Every way you turn, someone or something is demanding your attention - right now. You may be sandwiched between caring for children and concern for aging parents. You may be spending enormous amounts of time on your work, growing a business or doing the work of two people as your employer downsizes. Then in between the chores and errands, there are relationships that need nurturing.

But it is YOU who needs nurturing first and foremost!

Remember, the flight attendant always instructs that in the event of an emergency, be sure to put on your oxygen mask first before trying to help those around you. Taking good care of yourself means you are going to be around so you will then be better able to take good care of others.

A quantum energy work session with Planet BioScan is an ideal means of taking good care of yourself, especially when you are struggling with the effects of burnout. Your session provides information about your body's reaction to the stressors in your life and what is impacting you the most right now.

We'll take a look at the signature pattern of your adrenals and what stage of burnout your body is in energetically. Physically, your adrenal glands are in charge of creating the specific hormones to energize your body in reaction to a stressful situation. Adrenaline helps us in a flight or fight reaction, but most of our typical stressors are not life or death situations. However, our adrenals can't tell the difference and will continue to do their job, until they become overworked and depleted. Your hypothalamus, which signals your adrenals, can become confused and overworked.

searching for coffeeIf you feel fatigued and drink several cups of coffee every day, you will soon experience a diminishing return from the caffeine. Your coffee, tea or energy drink will at first stimulate your adrenal glands, but consuming too much will soon deplete them even more. This will create a vicious domino effect on your entire immune, nutritional, cardio, brain wave, nervous and hormonal systems.

Try quantum energy work instead!

You'll receive balancing frequencies to help improve your energy level. With programs such as EEG Brain Wave, Para and Sympathetic Nerve System, Body to Soul Connection, Reduce Stress in Nerves, Relax Mind, Organ Revive, Deep Muscle Relaxation (to name just a few), you will sense an improved emotional well being.

Just as important for you, we will find the links to why you are unbalanced. You then can take literal actions by yourself to stay and be in your best mode for the long run. Simultaneously, the information we will provide you will resonate strongly with you - because it was buried deep within you. Most of our clients feel a sincere sense of intimacy, recognition and even spirituality when they reunite with themselves!

We will also take a unique look at how you can take charge and find or rediscover the exact keys to getting immediate satisfactions in your life. With all the talk nowadays of manifesting one's life and finding the secret, our service will reveal your real deal. We tap into your own super conscious so you will know quickly what action, path, or choice is best for your goal(s). We bridge the gap for you between pop psychology, current philosophies and contradicting notions.

We're available to answer any questions you may have. We're friendly and do not utilize any pushy sales techniques! Don't hesitate to contact us.


The concept of burnout is not new. Back in the 1930s, Dr. Hans Selye determined there were several stages to a general adaptation syndrome.

In Stage 1, your body is in adrenal stress. You feel weary but find it hard to get to sleep. You find yourself getting sick all the time, lacking resistance to colds and other infections.

In Stage 2, your body is in adaptation. Your body starts to respond as if your level of stress is perfectly normal, even though stress hormones are coursing through your body. You might think all is well because you aren't getting repeated infections like you did in Stage 1.

In Stage 3, your body is in adrenal exhaustion. Without any relief from your stress level, your body starts to lose the battle to adapt. Allergies suddenly appear. You are continually ill. Your stomach is bothering you. You've lost interest in sex. You are gaining weight.

If you do not address the stress level in your life, you begin to experience burnout. All of the symptoms in Stage 3 become magnified in the burnout stage. And adrenal depletion can lead to many diseases such as fibromyalgia, diabetes...the list goes on.

Our quantum energy work device provides an energetic reading of where your body's stress level is on a representation of the Selye bar:

selye bar representation

Scheduling a Quantum Energy work Session

While we are located in Phoenix, Arizona, we have clients worldwide. Clients find their sessions are amazingly effective regardless of where they are located! Quantum energy work works at a distance and finds you in the subspace energy field.

We have more details about how a remote quantum energy work session works.

We're also available to answer any questions you may have. We're friendly and do not utilize any pushy sales techniques! Don't hesitate to contact us.

What Steps Can You Take to Avoid Burnout?

  • Of course we suggest quantum energy work sessions with Planet BioScan!

  • Eat well. Research also indicates that a balanced diet, with lots of fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins and plenty of whole grains can help your digestion. Your body will be better fueled to better handle stress.

  • Get plenty of sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, read our article about insomnia.

  • Exercise!


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