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Quantum energy work - holistic health care for pets - dogs, cats, horses, and other animals!

Your beloved pets benefit remarkably well from Planet BioScan sessions - as much as people. We help animals establish improved mind-emotion-physical connections for a natural health alternative. We run various holistic pet care programs for your animal's wellness, anti-aging, and behavior. You will receive unique physical and emotional insights that provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to improve the overall well-being of your companion.

How does this holistic health alternative for pets work?

Planet BioScan quantum energy work practitioners use an advanced device to scan over 50,000 items in your animal, looking for stresses impacting body, mind, spirit and emotions. The practitioner then runs relaxing quantum energy work to help relieve the stress or imbalance your animal is experiencing, such as pain, inflammation, degeneration, poor digestion, fear...the possibilities are practically endless!

A quantum energy work session helps to release the blocked energy and open the flow of energy through the body without invasive procedures or needles. As the body relaxes, the stress is relieved. This in turn may improve the body's ability to repair itself and provide pain relief.

Planet BioScan offers holistic health alternatives for pets in the comfort of their own environment

We offer remote sessions which means your animal can remain relaxed and comfortable in his or her own home. Quantum energy work works at a distance - even a very long distance! By entering some basic information about your animal into our system, our device will "locate" your animal. You can have confidence that our system sends balancing and de-stressing energy directly to your companion.

Quantum Energy Work - Natural Health Alternative for Dogs

Natural Health Care for Dogs

Our own dog (Gigi) is 13 years young but people often comment on how good she looks and seems to feel. We provide her with weekly quantum energy work sessions for her arthritis and digestive issues and we include anti-aging programs. We love the friskiness she displays after her sessions!

Natural Health Care for Cats

A cat client (Angel) would be classified as a true 'fraidy cat. Angel has not ventured out from under her owner's bed if anyone was in the house other than her owner. During a remote session with Angel, we discovered she had extremely high ESP skills and many emotional blocks. We cleared these blocks and she spit up several furballs. Perhaps this was a physical sign of her emotional blocks clearing. Several days later, our practitioner visited the owner. Who came out to greet him? Angel! She came out of the bedroom, walked right over to her practitioner and rubbed against his leg and purred! Her owner was amazed that this cat, who hid from everyone, seemed happy to see Bill!

A single session for a dog, cat or other animal ($125) is approximately 2 hours and includes a full scan, analysis, our full spectrum of programs. We also offer money-saving package deals that include anti-aging.

Planet BioScan and its practitioners do not diagnose, treat, or otherwise prescribe for any disease, condition, or illness, or perform any act that would constitute the practice of medicine for which a license is required. Our services involve energy work procedures which include stress reduction protocols, relaxation techniques, and pain management to reduce stressors that may accompany symptoms.

We completely understand how important your animal's well-being is to you.

We'd love to speak to you about your concerns for your own animals and explain in detail how Planet BioScan can be a holistic health option for your dog, cat, or other animal.

Contact us and learn what Planet BioScan can do for you! We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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