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Long Distance Sessions with Planet BioScan

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is how can a session with Planet BioScan work if I am located in a different city than you? We do have clients all around the world! When the client is not physically sitting in the same room as the Planet BioScan practitioner, we consider this a remote session (or long-distance session).

energy gridRemote energy work is done through subspace, and is possible because of the quantum physical nature of energy. In subspace, all energy is connected in a grid-like fashion.

With your full name, date of birth, residence  address, city and state born in, the computer and the practitioner can 'zero in you' with this information being what we call your energetic fingerprint. We then scan you the same as if you were in person, and send out corresponding energies to assist you.

Below is an excerpt from a recent Scientific American Magazine. Popular science is now talking about what we quantum practitioner's have known; everyone has an energetic fingerprint , so to speak. Factors such as entanglement, non-locality, wave forms, coherence, resonance, among others, factor into this.

Sci Am CoverPDF
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Make Your Connection!

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