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You want answers and help for yourself

Planet BioScan will help you!

Believe it or not, YOU have the answers!

However, they may be locked away in

- your subconscious

- your mind patterns

- your emotions

- your body

- your genes

- your family dynamics

- your environment

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Planet BioScan has dramatically helped many people solve stress factors and problems that no one else had previously been able to help them with.

Our energy work is unique. Unlike most other types of energy coaching, we explain how we do what we do, we help you help yourself, and we want you to be your own coach. We help you rely on yourself for answers.

No pseudo talk with us! Our techniques and work will be completely explained each step of the way.

Let us help you change, figure out or improve whatever it is that you desire to concentrate your efforts on - emotional, physical, spiritual - any type of dynamic.

Wondering how can you do a session on me remotely? Read more about it here.


Electrical Prayers

Sending you electric prayers for your mind, body, and soul.

Planet BioScan Energy Coaching!

We interface with one another to provide an opening, identify a new awareness, possibilities, creativity, inspirations, transformations, manifestations in all the energy realms around you, your family or company.

We help you remove barriers, reconnect or start new, strengthen mind, body and soul either subtly or profoundly.

Simply put, our work can help anyone with anything by finding answers that we provide and sending energetic wave form frequencies to assist  the person or pet in transforming themselves.


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