Planet BioScan
Our sessions are effective regardless of where you are located! Quantum energy work works at a distance and finds you in a subspace energy field.

Located in Arizona, Planet BioScan quantum energy work practitioners have clients worldwide.We have complete confidence that our system sends balancing and stress reduction energy directly to you.

Meet Planet BioScan's quantum energy work practitioners...

Phoenix Practitioner Bill Nolan
Bill and Gigi - Gigi is a 13-year Shiloh
Shepherd who is thriving with her weekly
quantum energy work sessions.

Bill Nolan

Originally from New York, Bill Nolan has lived all over the USA. Escaping from Hurricane Katrina, he has fused his desires for service to others and animals, truth seeking, perfection, and business ownership with Planet BioScan. After working in emerging biotechnological industries, he continues to search for ways to improve the human and animal condition.

Bill has an Bachelor's of Science degree in IDS from New York Institute of Technology. He holds a certification inMedical Device Equipment and in Energy work. He was a successful personal trainer.

Valuing maturity yet staying youthful, enjoying the ride, and helping others is the path he is on. He values kindness, intelligence, a larger perspective, animals, and honesty - with a dash of mystery to keep things interesting.

Sue Parker & Cindy

Sue Parker

Originally from New York, Sue relocated to Arizona in 1993. She has enjoyed great success in the corporate world and brings a wide range technical knowledge to Planet BioScan. She finds the ability to combine technology with the ability to help people improve their lives to be one of the most worthy uses of technology.

Sue spent many years as a volunteer and board member of Wild At Heart, a local wildlife shelter dedicated to helping Arizona's native owls and hawks. Her sense of ethics, intuition and deep concern for people and animals is a driving force of Planet BioScan's success.

Sue and Cindy
Cindy is a 12-year old Arabian mare who also
flourishes with her quantum energy work sessions.


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