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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chakra?

A chakra is a wheel of energy, much like a vortex. A vortex is a funnel of spinning energy opening into higher dimensions. There are hundreds of small chakras all over the body, each with its own specific function. There are seven major chakras, located at a major nerve plexus along the brain and spinal cord.

Energy enters the chakra and goes into the energy channels, sending energy to the physical nervous system. The nervous system transmits the energy to the endocrine system, which uses various hormones to send energy into the bloodstream. The bloodstream passes the energy into each cell of the physical body.

During a Planet BioScan session, the electromagnetic energy penetrates through the meridians and chakras, noting blockages and imbalances.  The lower frequencies begin to vibrate at a higher level with continued sessions.

Why do our cell frequencies get out of balance or lowered to begin with?

We live in a very fast-moving electrical world. Electro “smog” from televisions, computer monitors, cell phones, microwaves, etc., disrupt our highly calibrated and complex internal electrical system.
Planet BioScan increases the vibration or frequency of cells, helping to re-balance the body.

What is subspace?

Mathematicians describe subspace as a multi-dimensional set of possible geographic space superimposed under our universe. There are multiple dimensions in our universe, but one level or dimension still contacts and unites all things. This is called “subspace” and is the fundamental glue of the consciousness of the universe.

Can these sessions hurt me or my animal?

No. Completely non-invasive, our molecular energies seek and balance with a built-in protective measure. Additionally, "good intentions" via the reality of quantum physics greatly enhance the work.

Can Planet BioScan work with my doctor?

Absolutely! We can provide unique insight and information to your physician or veterinarian. Additionally, providing this information to your health care professional can help you take more control and responsibility for your own desires. Enlightened health care professionals will gladly accept your input. Worldwide, progressive physicians themselves utilize this modality.

Do you provide cosmetic services?

Yes! Facial toning, age balancing and personal enhancements are all available. We also partner with cosmetic professionals to offer you the ultimate in improvements. Contact us with your specific questions about cosmetic services.

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